Awesome Edible Collaborations

So, Anything Going On February 5?

Don’t miss these great food events just because they fall on Super Bowl Sunday.

By Allecia Vermillion January 26, 2012

Think football is for pansies? Then perhaps a pig butchery demo is in order. Image courtesy of Il Corvo and Dot’s Delicatessen.

UPDATE: In a highly ironic double twist, both events have been postponed. The butchering demo will now happen February 12, and the gospel brunch is rescheduled for February 26.

The entire nation knows that Sunday, February 5 is the day Target releases its awesome Jason Wu collab Super Bowl 46. Where can you go to watch the game and its attendant commercials? Why, pretty much every bar and restaurant in town in possession of a television. However a couple of fairly kickass collaborative food events are also happening that day. It’s something to consider whether you prefer to watch the game sans empty stomach, or just hoping to avoid the football madness entirely.

Il Corvo and Dot’s Delicatessen
It’s the pig-slicing equivalent of a supergroup: Il Corvo pasta phenom Mike Easton and meat man Miles James of Dot’s Delicatessen are teaming up for a butchering demo. For $120 you can watch these two take down a whole pig, then attendees consume said pig in the form of porchetta, all part of a porky three-course lunch that comes with wine. This porcine smorgasbord is an all-day deal (11 to 5). James said the class had to be on Sunday due to the way the slaughter was scheduled, so just set your DVR and sign up, already.

Where Ya At Matt and Hilliard’s
Food trucker Matthew Lewis is teaming up with Hilliard’s Beer and two gospel choirs to put on a Southern-style gospel brunch. The first seating is at 10:30, leaving you plenty of time to park yourself in front of a TV later in the day. Even the second seating at noon should get you filled up on biscuits, gravy, and hush puppies, and out the door before the 3:30 kickoff. Tickets are $40; adult beverage details are forthcoming, but since this thing is happening at a brewery, you can read between the lines here.

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