Monday night’s special menu includes this Kashmiri stew of lamb and beef meatballs. Photo courtesy of La Bate.

Capitol Hill restaurant La Bête previously hosted the excellent popup Little Uncle on Monday nights. The Thai menu relocated to its brand new walkup counter in January, but that doesn’t mean La Bête is back to business as usual on Mondays.

Chef-owners Tyler Moritz and Aleks Dimitrijevic have begun a series of special Monday night menus that strut around the globe. Right now the normally European-tinged restaurant morphs into an Indian food destination on those nights. The chefs, who met at Ethan Stowell’s original spot Union, have dubbed this adventure their world series.

Dimitrijevic says the series “gives us an unprecedented freedom to feature things in the restaurant that wouldn’t really ever find a home on our regular menu.” Which means things could get pretty crazy; La Bête’s regular menu is already a delightful melding of Old World and seasonal elements. And pork rinds.

The plan calls for Indian fare through March. Beyond that, specifics are still in flux, but Dimitrijevic is talking about Eastern European and Mexican menus, then in warmer weather skipping over to Japan and Southeast Asia. Oh, and perhaps an Italian menu recreating the dinner from the movie Big Night, or an “all-out classic Escoffier night, complete with cucumber scaled sides of salmon on aspic, and choux swans for dessert.”

Now that I’d like to see.

If world series nights catch on, the duo is open to running it two nights a week.

The most recent Indian menu includes some $2 and $3 small plates of samosas, pickles, yoghurt and the like. Larger plates include butter chicken, saag paneer, and a Goan-style curry of squid and manila clams. Dishes top out at $15 and the gents even do a selection of Indian-inspired sweets (Fried dough with cardamom and rose syrup? Heck yes I will).

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