Taste Tests

Seattle Met Taste Test: Bagels

A panel of ten tackle a week’s worth of carbs to name three favorite locally made bagels.

June 27, 2011


By Allyson Marrs and Christopher Werner

You hear a lot of griping about a dearth of decent bagels in this city, but with the recent arrival of several notable bakeries, Nosh figured somewhere someone was rolling tasty rounds.

To find out, we recruited ten staffers willing to sacrifice a week’s worth of carbs. The panel blindly sampled several varieties from eateries all over town (a handful were asked to participate, the ones you’ll see here are those that did) before ultimately naming three favorites.

Picking just three wasn’t easy—turns out bagelries here do know what they’re doing. To learn about the winners and to read tasters’ notes, click through the slideshow.

All photos by Seattlemet.com photographer Lucas Anderson.

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