High 5 Pie Now Serving Shakes

A slice of pie + ice cream = pie shake

By Christopher Werner June 17, 2011

Better blended? High 5 Pie thinks so.

Pairing ice cream with pie is not a novel idea—what’s a slice of apple without a melty scoop to boot?—but blending the two, that’s something new. At least it is in this city, where pie comes on a stick, in a jar, or in cute bite-sized morsels, but rarely by means of a straw. (Lunchbox Laboratory at one point (still does?) had pie-inspired varieties.)

Treading this untrodden territory is Capitol Hill’s High 5 Pie, now offering pie shakes. For $7 you can choose a slice of your liking and mix it with snickerdoodle or vanilla bean ice cream from Bluebird.

Genius or not so much? Curt, Mike, and friends vote the former.

Making Pie Shakes from Mike Merrill on Vimeo.

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