Get a jump on the sibs: Take dad out for free fries on Friday.

Local marketing diviners seem to be banking on the fact that your Dad likes beer. And food. Because almost all of the Father’s Day events we found centered around these two things. (Well, one centers around competitive grilling, but food and beer are involved.) Frankly, though, it’s kind of a hard model to challenge. Besides, who has time to argue when there’s food and beer around?

1. Bastille has four brunch specials on Sunday (10am-3pm). These include a merguez sausage dish and oysters on the half shell served with a pint of Hoegaarden (both $15). The restaurant’s patio beer garden, open through the end of September, is available to you from 1 to 4pm.

2. One of Nosh Pit’s enduring obsessions is the monthly free French fry deal at Pike Street Fish Fry. But something tells me your dad has never partaken. Fries are free from 5 to 7pm this Friday, June 17. Brews from New Belgium are $2 each. (Bonus: taking your dad out on Friday will give you the jump on your brothers and/or sisters, who are likely planning something for Sunday. Suckers.)

3. PCC has organized a grilling competition—yup, competitive barbecuing—on Sunday, June 19 from 1-2:15pm at the Fremont Fair. There’s also a dog parade. And Redhook beer in special tents.

4. The annual Washington Brewers Festival in Saint Edward State Park begins Friday, June 17 and runs through Sunday the 19th.

Seattle Beer News reports that organizers have expanded the food options this year with a full-blown food court and plenty of picnic tables at which to feast. But of course, the main event here is the beer—there will be more than 200, and a larger selection of ciders this year too.

5. The Dad’s Day special at Luc is a grilled pork chop rubbed with sage mustard and served with vegetables. This, along with—you guessed it—a draft beer, will run you $20.

*Next year, I say we take this fun-with-dad-cliches approach to its logical extreme. We can pit dads against each other in a taking-out-the-trash competition. We can see which dad is best at feigning excitement over receiving a tie for Christmas, who can be most intimidating while screaming about how he’s always the one to take the dog out, and how come you damn kids still don’t take any responsibility for anything? Etc.

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