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More Biscuits!

Another couple cakes deserving of your consumption.

By Christopher Werner May 13, 2011

Yum: a Volunteer Park Cafe biscuit.

A new obsession here on Nosh: we’ve decided to engage in a game of biscuit watch.

The one pictured comes courtesy Volunteer Park Café, home to pastry immortal Heather Earnhardt. The restaurant recently posted the pic with the caption “buttermilk biscuits southern style fresh out of the oven!” then proceeded to slather it with jam and what looks to be a healthy slab of butter. Sign me up.

Earlier in the week Slog made mention of a cheddar-bacon-egg variety at Oddfellows. A word to the wise: come at 8 or 10am, when the goods are fresh out of the oven, writes fellow biscuit enthusiast Cienna Madrid.

Just yesterday we were chatting up the biscuit brunch at Nook, where a word to the wise is again necessary: arrive before noon, as the grub goes quickly. Or at least it has in the past.

And finally, the one to kickstart this idée fixe: the fried chicken biscuit at Dahlia Workshop.

Know of a buttermilk worthy of our watch? Be sure and share!

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