Tuesday=Free Balvenie tasting at the Washington Athletic Club

On Tuesday, May 10 the Balvanie Rare Craft Roadshow comes to Washington Athletic Club (1325 6th Avenue) from 7 to 9pm.

What does it all mean? Well, The Balvanie is a single malt scotch whiskey from the Speyside region in northeast Scotland (also from Speyside: Glenlivet and Glenfiddich, among others). It’s been around since 1893. Its website speaks of barley grown on the grounds that surround the gazillion-year-old castle that houses the distillery and an on-site cooperage and coppersmith. When you drink it you hear bagpipes and your pants take the form of a tartan kilt. (Allegedly).

The rare craft roadshow is of course aimed at familiarizing us with the product. Its two brand ambassadors are going all around the country hosting tastings. Tuesday, they are here. From what I gather they talk some about the whiskey and the distillery and then they give people whiskey. For free! There’s the 12-year, aged in two types of cask and the other 12-year—the Signature—aged in three types. Then there’s the single barrel 15-year, and the 14-year aged in casks once used to make rum in the Caribbean, etc, etc.

RSVP here before the event fills up and you don’t get to have any free whiskey.

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