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Road Trip: Spring Barrel Tasting in Yakima

You live in wine country, people. Go drink some!

April 6, 2011

Spring Barrel Tasting in Yakima begins April 15.

Photo courtesy: oxfordsuitesyakima.com

Do you sometimes forget you live in wine country? Serious wine people—bless their hearts—like to marvel over the fact that some people have never even been to Walla Walla! But the rest of us, distracted by the many treats of urban life (Gourmet pork rinds! Shiny boots! Professional soccer!), sometimes lose sight entirely of our premier grape-growing regions.

Here’s one awesome way to remember: take a road trip to Yakima April 15 through 17 for Spring Barrel Tasting. For one thing, the sun (remember that guy?) is far more likely to shine over there than out here. For another, there will definitely be wine. Lots of it. Fifty wineries worth. A $45 ticket buys you access to all kinds of different tastings.

Here are some suggestions from our travel department on where to eat, drink and sleep while you’re there.

Now go on, get out of here.

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