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Just Eat It: Fried Chicken Biscuit at Dahlia Workshop

It’s quite possibly Seattle’s best new breakfast sandwich.

By Christopher Werner March 1, 2011

Biscuit deliciousness at Dahlia Workshop.

Holy heck is there comfort food in South Lake Union, and with this heart stopper here, the nabe’s sudden love of things butter-and-bread gets outrageous.

Note the chicken—it’s fried, with toothsome peaks of crusty crisp. On top of it comes a surfeit of lava-like and tabasco-tinged black pepper gravy. Why stop there? Cough up another buck and add a fried egg. It’s a head scratcher, but the craggy butter biscuit doesn’t wither under the weight of all that gluttonous goodness. (Any leftover bits do, however, sufficiently sop excess gravy. Which—look at the picture—is par for the course.)

So where can you get it? Dahlia Workshop, Tom Douglas’s month-old biscuit bar and bakery anchoring Westlake and Harrison. Once again TD proves his breakfast sandwich chops with this $9 creation, maybe even upstaging the sausage, egg, and cheese handheld (a national favorite, no less) at Dahlia Bakery on Fourth.

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