Kentucky or Kyoto? Learn your whiskys at the Sorrento’s upcoming class, a benefit for Doctors Without Borders.

"Japan and Kentucky, a Conversation, with Whiskey" is the next class in the Sorrento Hotel’s Drinking Lessons series, to be held in the hotel’s penthouse at 7pm on March 31.

The price is $25, buy tickets here.

Presiding over the gathering will be San Francisco bartender Neyah White, who is a brand ambassador for Suntory (Hibiki, Yamakazi), and Cody Rossen of Maker’s Mark. If you’ve ever been curious about Japanese whiskey—or how whiskey varies from region to region—here’s your chance to bone up while contributing to an urgent cause. And while drinking delicious, delicious whiskey.

Side note: A lot of industry folks are suggesting we invest in Japanese whiskeys and sakes as a way of stimulating the Japanese economy. If you want to contribute in this way, you can find Suntory whiskeys at state liquor stores or go by Sake Nomi, an excellently stocked Pioneer Square shop that regularly holds sake tastings and other educational events.

Side note to the side note: Sake Nomi is planning a benefit for tsunami victims, a tentative date of April 1 has been set. I’ll update with details when they are available.

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