Free Scrappy’s Bitters Tasting at 12th and Olive

Try some local concoctions this Thursday on Capitol Hill.

October 13, 2010

Sample Scrappy’s Bitters tomorrow, October 14, at 12th and Olive wine shop.

If you drink a lot of cocktails locally, chances are you’ve consumed Scrappy’s Bitters, a Seattle-based concoction company owned by bartenders Miles Thomas of the Hideout and Chris Bollenbacher of Serafina and Cicchetti.

And if you don’t drink a lot of cocktails, or are trying to drink fewer, or maybe just have a stomachache, then you really must try bitters and soda at home or at the bar. It’s a lightly alcoholic, refresing drink that still qualifies as an adult beverage.

This Thursday, October 14, 12th and Olive wine shop on Capitol Hill will host a free Scrappy’s Bitters tasting from 5 to 8pm. (12th and Olive stocks Scrappy’s for $15.99).

Flavors you can sample are chocolate, grapefruit, orange, celery, lavender, and cardamom.

Side note: Did you know they sell Angostura Bitters at Safeway? True story. I saw some at the Safeway on Madison and 23rd.

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