Bars to Make Your Girlfriend Fall in Love with Seattle

Where do you go to show off your city?

February 8, 2011

Drinks at Bathtub Gin

I recently got an email message from a Seattle reader whose girlfriend was coming into town for a visit. From me he wanted bar suggestions. Specifically, he wanted me to suggest bars that would convince his girlfriend that this city was the best city in the world and thus she should move here. Or so I extrapolated.

My suggestions: The Walrus and the Carpenter, first off. The Walrus is like someone’s dream of Seattle—much more sparkly and bright than the real thing, but also recalling all the many things that you love about it.

I also suggested Quoin, the bar at Revel in Fremont, since there’s something about Revel—I need to think more about what it is, specifically—that makes it feel both representative of what’s great about Seattle restaurants but also totally unique in the universe.

And then we get to the fun places, the bars where people—even icy Seattle people—actually talk to each other and make friends. Bathtub Gin is one such bar (I wish the drinks were more consistent but it’s hard to complain when you’re having so much fun). Vermillion is another one. If you haven’t experienced Vermillion’s insane version of karaoke night, you should do so at your earliest availability.

But if you really want to make a drinker fall in love with Seattle, you take her to Pike Place Market, right? You take her to a burlesque show at CanCan, for David Nelson–crafted cocktails at Il Bistro. And, of course, you take your girlfriend to Zig Zag.

So those were my ideas. What did I miss?

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