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They keep coming. New and kinda new bars that you should know about.

January 26, 2011

The well-stocked situation at the Bourbon Bar in Columbia City.

The latest member of the insta-dive club is Harlow’s Saloon at 5200 Ballard Ave NW, brought to you by the owners of Moshi Moshi and Portalis. It’s your basic easy-going beer bar—micros and PBR, you know the drill—but gets extra points for Atari tables: Ms. Pac-Man and (be still my high-school heart) Galaga.

There’s been chatter aplenty about The Bourbon Bar, a well-stocked spot inside the newly revamped Columbia City Theater that features trivia on Tuesdays and karaoke Wednesdays. If you find it full, migrate over to the always underrated Lottie’s Lounge nearby—its divey looks belie the quality of the cocktails. I also enjoy the sandwiches.

The repurposed signage-boasting bar of the week is Company Bar (9608 16th Avenue SW) in White Center. Stop by this weekend for grand-opening festivities and to check out the gorgeous bar behind which hangs an antique yellow sign that reads, as if you couldn’t guess, Company.

In West Seattle, Locöl Barley and Vine is serving up wine-bar food (gruyere and arugula sandwiches, butternut squash soup, roasted chard) and hyperlocal microbrews from the likes of 2 Beers and Big Al Brewing.

Sonics alum Shawn Kemp has a new LQA restaurant Oskar’s Kitchen that specializes in martinis. Subject yourself to the Bubble Room lounge, where you can get a double Gordon’s martini for $5 during happy hour, 3 to 6pm daily. A double Gordon’s gin gimlet is also $5. Doubles at HH. Bold move, Kemp.

In Eastside openings news: A Seattle version of the Las Vegas lounge Munchbar is coming to Bellevue. I hear Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater) is attending the opening party. Bold move, Lopez. Or something.

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