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An Entire Chicken Dinner on a Pizza

Compliments of Zaw.

By Kathryn Robinson December 6, 2010

A chicken dinner pizza, from Zaw

The latest seasonal pie from Zaw Artisan Bake-at-Home Pizza is an entire chicken dinner on a pizza crust.

I’m going to let that sink in a minute.

They’re calling it their Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. There’s a picture of it, see?One of Zaw’s cooks, Anthony, put wine-marinated cranberries and roasted free-range chicken breast and housemade thyme-shallot gravy atop a thin schmear of Alvarez Farms mashed potatoes, along with mozzarella and feta cheese.

I haven’t yet sampled this pie—might be good with a Jones Turkey and Gravy soda—but that’s beside the point. The point, the truly weird point, is that this pie is not the only menu item in town that goes by the name of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, a saying said to have originated as a casino call-phrase.

At his latest restaurant, Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie, Tom Douglas calls his plate of rotisserie chicken with dripping potatoes and braised greens Winner Winner Chicken Dinner too.

Or did, on his opening menu. The website lists it now as Northwest Free Range Chicken.


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