Shutdown Popups

Tom Douglas's Serious TakeOut Is Open in Ballard

The restaurateur transformed his company's commissary kitchen into a pizza, sandwich, and drinks dispensary.

By Allecia Vermillion April 8, 2020

Serious sandwiches, drizzled with fonduta.

Tom Douglas closed his 13 Seattle restaurants while much of the city was still coming to terms with coronavirus’s potential to disrupt our daily life. Now we’re deep in the shit of it all, and Douglas's company is opening what might be the city's most distinct takeaway pivot to date.

As of today, the company’s warehouse kitchen and Rub with Love HQ in Ballard has a new alter ego—Serious TakeOut. The industrial space at 5118 14th Ave NW will dispense the pizza we know and love from Serious Pie, several salads, some sweets, and “Serious Sandwiches” like roast pork or grilled eggplant on sturdy toasted baguettes, drizzled with fonduta, plus those newly legal cocktail kits. Not to mention beer and wine, all for drive in or walk-up (or delivery through the apps). Hours are 12–8; here's the full menu and ordering instructions.

Not long after his mass restaurant closure, Douglas spent a long weekend at this very building, grilling salmon dinners for takeout to raise funds for Food Lifeline (Serious TakeOut will also donate $1 for every order). Douglas made headlines recently at a virtual Town Hall event when he predicted maybe half of his restaurants will survive this prolonged shutdown. Obviously this new centralized operation isn't a traditional restaurant, or even a permanent one, but it does seem poised to do a considerable bit of business. Hopefully it meets a need for Douglas's company and the fans it's been serving for the past three decades.

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