It's Party Season!

Which Restaurants Have the Best Private Rooms?

It’s the perennial holiday question. We got answers.

By Kathryn Robinson November 10, 2010

Partying at Steelhead Diner

We know, we know…you’re charged with planning your holiday office party (or girls’ night out, or book club gift exchange, or [insert event here])…and you fear you’re already too late, and what will you do now?

First, breathe. We hear it every year, and every year folks like you find terrific party rooms. You’re lucky to live in a region with tons to choose from.

If it’s twinkly water you’re looking for you might consider Ray’s Boathouse. In addition to its Northwest Room (which has a view and seats 10-74), not a lot of people know that the elegant main restaurant is available during the day for brunches and luncheons, before it opens to the public for dinner.

The romantically dim new Mamma Melina Ristorante in Ravenna near U Village features a bunch of semi-private tables, some in intimate alcoves behind pretty sheers, along with a menu of affordable pastas and pizzas.

For something more businesslike, Pike Place Market’s Steelhead Diner features a room for 48, a seafood-heavy menu, and a staff of uncommonly friendly servers. Down Post Alley, a room off Cafe Campagne serves as a warm backdrop for any fizzy holiday gathering.

Other downtown choices include the long private room at Sazerac , a bunch of differently sized options at Wild Ginger and the noble Farestart (where a portion of your bill will benefit its time-honored work-training programs), the Metropolitan Grill’s three rooms—the Vintage Room, the Board Room, and the Chairman’s Room—accommodating parties of between 22 and 75, a room for 75 at the ever-festive Andaluca , and of course Tulio’s handsome upstairs library.

Want more? Oh, we got more. Call around from Seattle Met’s recommended restaurant listings and you will find the room you need.

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