Introducing: Sake in Seattle

A new business aims to break the ice with rice wine.

By Jessica Voelker October 12, 2010

Sake: Something to talk about.

Fancy Frenchwood (love that name) is the owner of a new business called Sake in Seattle. Here’s what she does: She goes to events and hosts sake tastings. Frenchwood says she’s long observed a lot of awkwardness at networking functions, and felt like she wanted to start a business that would help people ease into conversation.

The reason this works with sake makes sense. People don’t know a lot about it, and they don’t feel like they have to know a lot about it, so they don’t get all uptight like they do at wine tastings. You start talking about how you didn’t know sake could be sweet, or served chilled, and the next thing you know you’ve got a new job. Or a new boyfriend. Or, at the very least, a good buzz.

Isn’t it interesting that we, as a city, host hundreds and hundreds of events, all aimed at just talking to one another, and yet we feel we need some sort of premise in order to actually start talking to one another? I find it rather amazing.

Anyway, you can hire Frenchwood to come conduct a sake tasting at your wedding or private party, or you can just go to an event that’s hired her.

Man, I love sake. Almost as much as I hate the word "networking."

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