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High 5 Pie Goes All Retail On Us

Getcher Flipsides and Piepops at Trace Lofts, just in time for the holidays.

By Kathryn Robinson September 1, 2010

Dani Cone in the kitchen

Why good morning, September. Here come the holidays.

Thanks to Dani Cone, one of the visionary entrepreneurs of Seattle’s food scene, they’re gonna be sweeter this year.

Cone operates Fuel Coffee in three locations, and recently augmented her eats list at those coffee stops to include her own line of High 5 Pies. Seven-inch deep-dish pies, handmade with all-butter crusts and fillings from cherry almond to mixed berry, are the anchor of her High 5 lineup, which also includes handheld crescent-shaped pies called Flipsides (you might have seen these at Fuel) and baby pies baked into jars, called, well…Piejars.

The good news is, she’ll be retailing these and more at a new store in Capitol Hill’s Trace Lofts (1400 12th Ave) just in time for the holidays. Look then for seasonal specials like sweet potato, pumpkin, and caramel pecan.

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