Holly Smith’s Capitol Hill Brewpub a No-Go

The price of seismic upgrades proved too steep for building owners.

June 24, 2010

Holly Smith

CHS Blog reports that the brewpub planned in the brick building at the corner of Pike Street and 10th Avenue E (across the street from Quinn’s) is not to be.

Holly Smith, who owns and chefs Cafe Juanita and planned this project with Quentin Ertel (owner of the Saint and Havana) and several other partners, seemed upset when news broke of the plans in late May, and resisted talking to local media about details.

When I asked Smith why that was, she told me then that she feared that the expense of seismic upgrades required by the city might cause the landlords to back out. She was cautiously hopeful, at the time, that the deal would go through but she suspected it might not.

She suspected right, it would seem. Big bummer.

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