You’ve been reading lots about Donna Moodie—nearly two years ago her beloved Belltown bistro Marjorie closed, in early 2010 she announced she was reopening it, and two weeks ago it did on Capitol Hill —but can you guess how Moodie dealt with the stress of it all? Ashtanga yoga. And fries.

Burgermaster, Dick’s, or Red Mill?
Builtburger … I don’t mind cooking the best burger in the world at home. If they could only send fries, too! If that’s cheating, Skillet.

Do you use recipes or wing it?
When I am baking I follow recipes to a T, and take notes. When I am cooking savory, I wing it.

Where do you take out-of-town guests to eat?
How to Cook a Wolf, Spring Hill, and Cafe Besalu, for the best pastries in town. And of course if it is sunny, we have to grab a sandwich at Paseo and sit in the park.

Favorite way to burn calories:
Yoga. I wish it burned more calories, but Ashtanga yoga with Troy Lucero comes pretty close to burning off all the menu tasting I have been doing and keeping me balanced.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?
French fries.

Name three restaurants that sum up Seattle.
Po Dog, Joule, and Marination Mobile.

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