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All the Merlot You Can Drink and You Don’t Have to Drive Home? That’s Just Mad

Merlot Gone Mad happens May 2.

April 16, 2010


Just to show it can be done, I’m going to write an entire blog post about merlot without mentioning a certain movie set in Northern California and starring Paul Giamatti. Don’t believe it can happen? Watch this.

Merlot is unquestionably the most celebrated of Washington wines, it even has its own tasting event: Merlot Gone Mad happens Sunday, May 2 at 3pm at Tulalip Resort Casino (aka "the number one place for fun"). Tickets are $45. For that you get to try way more merlot than you probably should (50 wineries participate, including greats like Fidelitas, Delille, Northstar, and Grand Reve), alongside sundry snackies prepared by the resort chef.

There are special room rates—call the casino—but there’s something else: Butler Transportation is offering round trip transportation from Seattle, in sweet 11-seater Mercedes tours buses no less, for an extra $25. I talked to the gregarious Stuart Butler, longtime Woodinville valet, who told me he’ll meet event-goers at a designated spot in Seattle and drop them off there after the event.

Butler also does a bunch of private wine tours and whatnot in Woodinville, check him out.

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