Seattle’s clearly in the grip of a Baconic Convergence. How else do you explain the following:

November’s rollout of the Bacon Salt boys’ latest, Baconnaise—yeah, it is bacon-flavored mayonnaise—got a major bump after Jon Stewart famously gagged on the stuff on national TV in late February. According to a recent report in the Seattle Times, online sales of Baconnaise went up “by a factor of five or six” right after the show. And yes, it’s made in a South Park warehouse.

The Culinary Communion cooking school and Lunch Counter restaurant may be going out of business…but their pork biz, The Swinery, just got approval from the King County Health Department to sell its bacon. Which means they have til the end of April (when they lose their building) to sell it to you.

If you pre-order it this week ([email protected]) you can pick it up for cash payment next week. Choose $12-per-pound hormone-free Berkshire bacon, along with fresh sausages, ground bacon burgers, and BACON PIMP tee-shirts.

Yes, that was ground bacon burgers.

Finally, Tom Douglas is milking this obvious cash cow—er, pig—with Baconopolis!, an evening of artisan bacon tastings and porky nibbles from bacon hash to butterscotch bacon bites. It’ll be at the Palace Ballroom (the party adjunct of Palace Kitchen) on Friday, April 24, from 6pm-8pm, and cost $20 per mouth. Which includes a drink ticket.

And you will need a drink.

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