Sustainability, dude

Restaurants Getting Greener

And not just for St. Patrick’s Day

By Kathryn Robinson March 6, 2009

It’s the sustainability, stupid.

Two restaurants that have been all over it are now getting even more are all over it.

At Tilth, all wines-by-the-glass are now eco-friendly. That means organically-grown, sustainable, salmon-safe, and/or certified by LIVE. And chef Maria Hines is now offering a monthly vegan menu; riffs on dishes from the regular menu, but made entirely of organic celery acids and soy proteins.

Kid-ding. It’s just that I forget what vegans can eat. Not much, the dears. But trust the stunningly gifted Ms. Hines to craft their lot into something truly culinary.

(Seriously, it’s worth noting—then applauding—that in these rough economic times when restaurants are attempting to broaden their appeal as widely as possible—"Want some melted cheese and gravy on those fries?"—Hines continues to narrow her purview to encourage an ever-more-responsible way of feeding ourselves. Brava, Maria.)

At Café Flora, which was one of the first restaurants in these parts to think “green,” an even greener remodel will close the place from March 23rd to 25th. It’s going “farmhouse,” to highlight its farm-to-table soul, with an emphasis on recycled materials.

Don’t worry: They’re leaving the atrium alone, and cocktails will be served.

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