67 Ways to Stay Sane

No Malls Required

Where can you get all your shopping done in one shot, without having to set foot in a mall? A one-mile stretch of Ballard, the biggest little shopping district in town.

By Amanda Zurita November 14, 2012 Published in the December 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Blackbird Apothecary

For your bearded beau
5465 Leary Ave NW, blackbirdballard.com
Baxter of California shave set, $66





Curtis Steiner

For one-of-a-kinds
5349 Ballard Ave NW, curtissteiner.com
Handmade necklace with antique beads, $160




Clover Toys

For junior engineers
5333 Ballard Ave NW, clovertoys.com
Catamaran construction set by Haba, $35





For the wannabe baker 
5335 Ballard Ave NW, trouvailleluckyfind.com
Cinnamon– and honey-scented candle by Greenmarket Purveying Co., $22 



Card Kingdom

For the big kids in your life
5105 Leary Ave NW, cardkingdom.com
Settlers of Catan board game, $38





For snazzy outdoorsmen
5419 Ballard Ave NW, kavu.com
Colored canvas vest, $75

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