Biscuit Bound

Biscuit Bitch's Belltown Location Opens Tomorrow

Bring your hungry. Bring your drunk.

By Rosin Saez March 16, 2015

Belltown bitches, your biscuits have arrived.

Image: Rosin Saez

The biscuit buffs known for gravy-drenched, cheese-topped hangover cures have launched an additional location in Belltown. After a few soft opening nights, a second Biscuit Bitch officially debuts on St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17, just in time to soak up the night's festivities.

The original outpost at Caffe Lieto in Pike Place Market sees a lot of tourist traffic in addition to locals, but the new location allows Biscuit Bitch to be a full-on neighborhood joint. Owner Kimmie Spice (official title: Head Bitch) says most regulars were coming from Belltown anyway, so a second location not too far away just made the most sense.

The new spot, located at 2303 3rd Ave, is a comfortable 22-seater almost twice as big as the original Biscuit Bitch.  Hours will be 7:30am to 3pm, and henceforth it will host additional late-night breakfast sessions Fridays and Saturdays from 9 to 2am (these have moved over from the original location). Bitches can rest easy because classics, like the eggs-and-gravy Easy Bitch, will all be available here.

The Belltown location will be closed on Mondays for now, says Spice, at least until she bulks up on staff and gets settled. The focus will be breakfast, with lunch service to potentially come at a later time.


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