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Five Questions for the Bartender: Rumba's Kate Perry

"Pardon the obvious bias, but the most underrated spirit is rum."

By Sara Hendrickson September 30, 2013

Rumba's Kate Perry

Kate Perry of Rumba heard her calling as a college student studying archaeology and biology, chasing a dream of becoming the next Indiana Jones. Working weekends as a server at a pisco bar, Perry realized that she liked restaurant work "way better than sitting in an office writing grant proposals." In addition to Rumba, Perry has graced the bars of Cicchetti and Tango, and says that living with her name is only awkward when bank tellers sing to her. 

Here, five questions for Kate Perry:

What's the most underrated spirit?

Pardon the obvious bias, but the most underrated spirit is rum. Rum is so complex and delicious. It makes me sad when people assume the stuff on our shelves is in any way similar to the cloyingly sweet rubbing alcohol they had a bad experience with that one time, between their fourth and seventh beers.

What's everyone ordering at Rumba these days?

Swizzles! Our new menu features great swizzles: a tall glass full of booze and crushed ice, swizzled until super cold and mellowing. They are delicious and, let's face it, "swizzle" is the most fun word.

What current cocktail trend is completely overrated?

Swizzles! Just kidding. I don't know.

What bar do you like to frequent when not at Rumba?

Zig Zag Café because it's always on point and the staff are wonderful people. I like to geek out on quirky Spanish apple juice at Capitol Cider.

What are three things you love about living in Seattle?

Bucket, Charlie, and Kung Pao. They're my backyard chickens and they're so entertaining. Plus, they make me breakfast every morning.

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