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One Word: Doggles

They protect canine eyes from sun, especially when hiking on snow, and wind. Oh, and they’re adorable. QUMY dog sunglasses, $8,

Pack Animals

Pups pull their own weight on the trail these days, and Ruffwear redesigned its slimmest pack for ultralight outings. Singletrak pack, $90,

Leashes with Cred

Launched by a Seattle sailor with a penchant for upcycling, Metamorphic Gear repurposes old climbing ropes into leashes. Climbing rope dog leash, $22,

The Poo Stands Alone

Stow full bags in an odor-reducing roll-top bag; leaving them on trail is shitty karma. Turdlebag, $20,

A Light Touch

Keep track of roving Rovers with LED-lined kerchiefs, a rave-ready accessory from Healers. Spotlite LED bandanna $30,

Just-in-Case Booties

At Vancouver’s Healers, a former Nike shoe designer created everyday and medical dog booties to protect overhiked paws. Urban walkers, $34, medical booties, $32,

Bowled Over

Until our furry friends learn to take delicate sips from a Nalgene, we’ll pack a collapsible bowl; Seattle Sports makes a 1.8-ounce version. Pocket bowl, $20,

Flexible Attachment

Though SoDo’s Tom Bihn is known for burly luggage, the company branched out for a springy leash to keep pooches from jerking you around. Bungee leash, $25,

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Cat Walk

Dogs are no longer the only pets gone wild. Jean-Luc Piccat (Instagram: @jeanlucpiccat), a one-year-old snow Bengal cat in Ballard, has hiked everything from Mailbox Peak to (some of) the Grand Canyon. “At four miles he comes down with a strong case of the lazies and usually rides on my shoulders or in a backpack,” says his human Mark Kempton.

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