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5 Locally Made Energy Bars to Try

We passed around Northwest-made trail bars to compose wine-style tasting notes for homegrown hiker fuel. Pinkies up, everyone.

By Seattle Met Staff May 22, 2018 Published in the June 2018 issue of Seattle Met

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Zing Bars (Seattle)

Lemon Cashew Crunch

A mix of tart lemon-citrus and the nutty flavors of cashew; mostly chewy with a bit of crunch. $25 for 12,

BGood (Joseph, Oregon)

Cranberry Hemp Artisan Chocolate

Bitter hints of cacao-forward flavors dance nicely on the palate with aromas of almond and pepita. Cranberry and apricot burst with bright acidity. $21 for 6,

Protein Puck (Spokane)

Almond Butter Dark Chocolate 

Subtle expressions of almond butter and dark chocolate chips, backed up by the crunch of pumpkin seeds. A dense texture; definite notes of gluten-free oats on the midpalate. $40 for 16, 

Picky Bars (Bend, Oregon)

Smooth Caffeinator Hazelnut Mocha

A chewy, light coffee flavor and mildly sweet from agave, but enriched by hazelnut. $28 for 10,

BumbleBar (Spokane Valley)

Chocolate Mint

An herbal bouquet holds together a soft expanse of sesame seeds and crispy brown rice, leaving the pleasant memory of mint after every bite. $19 for 12,

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