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Image: Joseph Laney

Play Music on Trail

  • For Some of us need Bey and some bass to get up a mountain.
  • Against Uh, headphones exist. Music drowns out nature’s sweet silence.
  • Verdict Prohibited

Hike in Jeans

  • For It’s cheap, comfy, and what people did in the ’70s, before performance wear was a thing.
  • Against You know the saying: Cotton kills! Get those 501s wet, and you’ll be cold, miserable, and unsafe.
  • Verdict We’ll allow it. 

Make Campfires

  • For Humans have burned timber for warmth, comfort, and s’mores for eons.
  • Against Misuse leads to wildfires, and the fine particles in woodsmoke cause respiratory problems.
  • Verdict We’ll allow it.*

Instagram Beautiful Spots 

  • For A pretty view and a thoughtful pose equals all the likes.
  • Against It only takes a few viral pics for cherished vistas to become overrun.
  • Verdict We’ll allow it. 

Let Dogs Off Leash 

  • For Even labradoodles are descended from wolves, and they yearn to be free.
  • Against Dog fights, dogs colliding with toddlers, dogs tromping wildflowers…
  • Verdict  Prohibited

Feed Wildlife 

  • For The cute chipmunk is the only one that actually likes protein bars!
  • Against It encourages animals to beg, borrow, and steal people food—which may get them euthanized.
  • Verdict Prohibited

*Carefully. Where legal. (Duh!)


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