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Dip your toes in a body of water—any body of water.

This time of year, towels and surreptitious cans of beer crop up from Lake Washington’s T-dock to Golden Gardens. Luckily we live in a place where SUP is an acronym for stand-up paddleboarding, not a dated bro salutation, and there’s enough hidden waterfront to justify an official city map. 

→ Find a secret spot at seattle.gov/transportation/stuse_stends_map.htm.

Make the Alki Beach scene.

Some beaches are about water. Others are for sand volleyball, bonfires, slow top-down cruises, and basically pretending, for a short sun-drenched stretch, that this is Venice Beach. 

→  Take in the scene over a beer at West Seattle Brewing Co.’s waterfront tap shack. 

Pick berries on the sly.

Admit it—fruit tastes better when plucked from the wild in handfuls. Even if the wild in this case is the bramble patch along the sidewalk. Sometimes it’s technically off limits—but that’s part of the thrill. 

→ Not a rule breaker? The seasonal blackberry croissants at Bakery Nouveau deliver buttery berry gratification, sans guilt. bakerynouveau.com

Embrace the ferry system.

As far as public transit goes, you could do worse than shimmering skyline views and vast expanses of cerulean water. Winter waterscapes have their moody charms, but in summer it’s all so beautiful you don’t even have the heart to poke fun at the tourists recreating that scene from Titanic up at the bow. 

→ See the state’s newest ferry, M/V Chimacum, in action on the Seattle-Bremerton route. wsdot.wa.gov/ferries

Get seriously buzzed on cold brew.

It’s iced, it’s smooth, it zaps your bloodstream with enough caffeine to keep you revved until Seattle’s 9:30pm sunset. Some coffee shops barrel age cold brew or add cream or carbonation, but our summer coffee obsession needs no adornment. 

→  Seattle abounds with cold brew, but it’s hard to beat Stumptown’s version, which comes in bottles, cans, and in tiny cartons mixed with chocolate milk.

Rediscover Seafair.

Yes, it’s straight from the 1950s; that’s part of the charm. The city looks like an entirely new place with each passing year, but hydroplanes and torchlight parades and old guys in pirate costumes are forever. Just like the swooping roar of the Blue Angels. 

→  Make a plan (or find out when the Angels will be flying overhead and freaking out your pets) at seafair.com. 

Drink rosé on a patio.

We’re done casting aspersions on this wine just because it’s pink, right? 

Bottlehouse, a hospitable wine bar in Madrona, offers varietals aplenty and the most charming of leafy, light-strewn patios.

Maximize your neighborhood park.

Big, flashy festivals always draw crowds, but don’t discount the stuff in your neighborhood that your taxes already paid for: tennis courts, miles of forested trails, even mellow Thursday-evening concerts best enjoyed with a picnic and beverages in sturdy plastic glasses. 

→ Peruse events, pools, and bicycle Sundays at seattle.gov/parks.

Stock up at the farmers market.

Our outdoor food stalls aren’t just shopping destinations—they’re a full-on social scene. One where you can pick up immaculate lettuce, vivid-yolked eggs, and the best tomatoes of your ever-loving life. 

→ Learn about specific farms and discover what’s in season on the Ripe and Ready blog. 

See at least one Mariners game.

So maybe the actual baseball is iffy. There’s always cold local beer, garlic fries, and the sun setting over Puget Sound—plus seats go for just $22. 

→ Buy tickets at mlb.com/mariners.

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