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“Every Other Day, I Was a Ball of Tears”

Daniel Lyon, U.S. Forest Service firefighter, reflects on a year of recovery.

08/08/2016 By Matthew Halverson

Camping 101

Should You Build a Campfire?

It's either the most important part of camping or a dangerous menace.

04/27/2016 By Allison Williams

Photo Essay

The Crew

Twenty-four hours with the Pateros Volunteer Fire Department during the deadliest wildfire season in recent Washington state history.

11/04/2015 Photography by David Ryder


The Carlton Complex Fire: A Harvest of Ashes

What happened when the largest wildfire in Washington state history collided with one of its oldest orchards?

12/01/2014 By David Laskin

The Explainer

Washington Wildfires: The Flames Rose Higher

The 2014 wildfire season is off to a record-breaking start.

08/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson