PopCap Makes Games They Like

Luckily for the Seattle video game studio, its customers like those games—like Bejeweled and the new Plants vs. Zombies 2—even more.

08/01/2013 By Matthew Halverson


Fight a Traffic Ticket Online

eTicketbuster allows drivers to contest tickets without ever having to see a judge or a lawyer.

12/19/2012 By James Ross Gardner

Tech Trends

PinPointing on Pinterest

For all of Pinterest's addicting advantages, the site is disappointingly difficult to shop from. Zappos tries to help with a new PinPointing app that suggests products based on Pinterest pins.

10/22/2012 By Amanda Zurita


A Belltown Tech Firm Makes an E-Pill Possible

The battery-free “e-pill” uses stomach acid as its power source and emits a signal to a body patch designed by Stratos Product Development in Belltown.

09/19/2012 By Derek Tsang


UW Professors Rescue Moore’s Law

Fusion experts develop a cheap, efficient source of extreme ultraviolet light to make your smart phone faster.

08/20/2012 By Derek Tsang

Local Tech

Seattle Startup RockStar Motel Turns Music Lovers into Band Reps

The website takes on the music industry, starting today.

05/22/2012 By Seth Sommerfeld

Critic's Notebook

High-Tech Meets Good Eatin’

Restaurant gadgetry, meet Seattle.

11/07/2011 By Kathryn Robinson

Travel Tools

Hotel Services: There’s an App for That?

One minichain is stuffing the concierge into your iPhone.

10/03/2011 By Allison Williams

On Other Blogs

Scientific American: Seattle Tops List of Tech Cites. Sorta.

Geekwire says Seattle isn't as geeky as it's cracked up to be.

08/23/2011 By Josh Feit

Seattle Retail News

Headlines: Boycotting Forever 21, Understanding Barcodes, Gilt Group (Still), and a New Name for Nordstrom

Style and fashion news that matters in Seattle.

08/19/2011 By Laura Cassidy

Books & Talks

Paul Allen Talks Yachts and Gates at Town Hall

The Microsoft cofounder and philanthropist shows off his lighter side.

04/25/2011 By Annie Rose Favreau

Drink Tech

First Impressions of a New Seattle Cocktail App

Seattle Cocktail Culture is inexpensive and nicely designed. I say buy it.


PubliCola Adds Life

Tech Reporter Wanted

01/20/2010 By Josh Feit

Tech at the Table

Crush’s Technical Nightmare

Oh, the humanity! A technical glitch causes uproar and egregious use of the word "idiot" among Crush restaurant’s newsletter recipients.

01/18/2010 By Jessica Voelker