Image via Third and Loom on Facebook

Picture this: You’ve been invited to that one event and immediately begin to envision the dress you’ll be wearing. Unfortunately, it’s a frock that, despite countless search term variations and hours of scouring the racks, doesn’t seem to exist. Don’t give up your vision just yet. Soon, any dress you dream will be just a few clicks away, thanks the new online retailer, Third and Loom.  

Set to fully launch in June 2015, Third and Loom aims to shake up the fashion scene with completely custom evening gowns, wedding dresses, and more. The site’s Dressmaker application puts the design process in the customer’s hands. If you’re not fond of starting from scratch, you can also choose from over 100 made-to-order templates to customize. No matter the route, the bespoke gown is then handcrafted by the brand’s team of experts.

Image via Third and Loom on Kickstarter

Operating with a privately owned factory and locally sourced materials, the brand stands by values of transparency and environmental and social responsibility. The direct involvement on the customer’s side also leads to a lower price point for a luxury-level gown.

The fashion-tech team behind Third and Loom (which includes Seattle designer and advisor, Luly Yang), recently launched a Kickstarter page that you can check out. They're offering some sweet rewards, like free dresses, for backers of the 40-day couture campaign.

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