The retail offerings of Seattle’s department store destination are now at your fingertips. Thanks to Nordstrom’s latest launch of TextStyle, personalized modern shopping only requires a few taps on a smartphone keyboard. Customers can shoot a C U L8R to traffic terrors, parking spot duels, and long lines, and say hello to easy purchases delivered right to your door via SMS for free

Nordstrom photo oxaqav

Image via Nordstrom on Facebook

As an extension of Nordstrom’s 2014 Next program, which allowed direct customer communication with salespersons, TextStyle ramps the ease up a notch. Say you’re on the hunt for a pair of pumps: With the private number that the program provides, a salesperson can send you pictures and descriptions of different selections. Once you find the shoes that fit your fancy, you can simply reply “buy” with your unique code to purchase them—as TextStyle is connected to your account information. (Talk about fast fashion.) Nordstrom is currently the only U.S. retailer to offer shop-by-text capabilities, another step toward the company’s goal of making personalized style convenient for everyone.

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