Cover Story

The Complete Revised Guide to Pike Place Market

Haven’t been in a while? The market remains ever a Seattle fixture, and yet there’s so much more to explore…

06/19/2018 By Stefan Milne, Rosin Saez, Allecia Vermillion, and Allison Williams

Editor's Note

Pike Place Market Is Seattle's Best Idea

But it almost wasn't.

06/19/2018 By James Ross Gardner

The Only Theater in Town

The Paramount's 1928 Opening Bash Brought a Bit of Hollywood to the Pacific Northwest

As the most glamorous venue in Seattle throws its 90th birthday party this month, a look back on the 1928 grand opening celebration that welcomed a little bit of Hollywood to the Pacific Northwest.

04/26/2018 By Darren Davis

Morning Fizz

The Past, Present, and Future of Transportation in Seattle

Read it and weep: Back in 1967, Seattle's mayor made a prophetic pitch for subway rapid transit.

04/08/2016 By Josh Feit

I'm New Here

How to Pronounce Puyallup

How to really say local place names, including one that rhymes with “cocaine.”

08/20/2015 By Allison Williams

I'm New Here

A Miller, a Madame, and the Birth of Seattle

It’s kind of a cute story.

08/20/2015 By Matthew Halverson Illustrations by Joseph Laney

Style 101

A Brief(ish) History of Filson

We dive into the Gold Rush roots of the 118-year-old local workwear brand.

02/25/2015 By Amanda Zurita


PubliCalendar: Documentary Double Feature

Today's picks for civic nerds

11/20/2014 By Darren Davis


PubliCalendar: Boats from the Past, Bikes for the Future

Today's picks for civic nerds

07/08/2014 By Ezra Parter

Quote Unquote

Meet the Men Who Discovered HMS Chatham’s Anchor

A commercial diver and an amateur historian may have just discovered an anchor lost during the Vancouver Expedition of the 1790s.

05/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson

What Lies Beneath

What Stopped the World’s Largest Tunnel-Boring Machine Just 1,000 Feet Into Its Journey?

And how does a city growing as fast as Seattle avoid erasing its past?

05/01/2014 By James Ross Gardner


25 Objects That Changed Seattle

From fossils to software, artifacts tell the story of the Emerald City.

12/01/2013 By Bess Lovejoy

Editor's Note

Object Lesson

The objects that tell the story of Seattle’s past reveal clues for the present.

12/01/2013 By Katherine Koberg

Seattle Style History

MOHAI Celebrates John Doyle Bishop

In the month of what would be his 100th birthday, MOHAI presents a special lecture on Seattle style icon and tastemaker John Doyle Bishop.

02/18/2013 By Amanda Zurita


The Arctic Club’s Most Famous Tenant

The downtown Seattle hotel is where men dreamed big—and where dreams died.

10/08/2012 By Bess Lovejoy


The Inscape Building’s Dark History

Seattle’s Inscape arts center once held Chinese and Japanese prisoners.

09/19/2012 By Bess Lovejoy

Seattle History

The Surviving Son of a Rum Smuggler’s Right-Hand Man Shares Stories from Prohibition-Era Seattle

The forthcoming Ken Burns film Prohibition stars a Kirklander whose father helped pay off the entire city.

09/28/2011 By Jessica Voelker

Drink on Film

Seattle’s "Good Bootlegger" Featured in Prohibition.

Filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick became fascinated with a local outlaw.



Seattle Reinvents Itself, Again and Again

PubliCola asked a number of local personalities to answer the question: "How Has Seattle Changed?" It was an open-ended question. How has the city changed for better or worse; on a grand scale or on a personal scale; in the last 10 years; in the last 10 m

06/28/2011 By Stephanie Pure

"Sin City"

A Red Light History of Seattle

Prostitution runs as deep as rain through Seattle’s history. This is the chronicle of a city built on sin.