Local Lit

10 New Seattle Books to Read This Spring

Three texts take on Amazon, while Daniel James Brown follows up 'The Boys in the Boat.'

05/10/2021 By Stefan Milne

Required Reading

Branded Content: The Rise of Fashion Advertorial

Style sites from Refinery29 to Elle online are enlisting their editors to produce branded content for advertisers. Do you trust them any less?

04/18/2014 By Amanda Zurita

Wedding Wednesday

Required Reading: The Distinctive Wedding Ceremony by Reverend Mary Calhoun

Seattle wedding officiant pens a must-read volume of vows and more for same sex and opposite sex couples in the Northwest and the rest of the world.

03/26/2014 By Laura Cassidy

Required Reading

Northwest Beauty Looks at New York Fashion Week

Makeup artist Diane Kendal channeled the PNW for Fashion Week beauty, but did she get our look right?

02/18/2014 By Amanda Zurita

Go See

Simon Doonan at Barneys

The very funny Barneys ambassador shows up at the downtown store to sign copies of The Asylum, his fashion industry sendup.

09/19/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Model Behavior

Required Reading: Awkward Beauty

Totokaelo owner Jill Wenger quoted in one of two recent major discussions about how fashion's perception of beauty is changing.

09/10/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Big Brother

Required Reading: How Retailers Track Shoppers

Online shopping goes brick and mortar as retailers start tracking consumer behavior in store.

07/23/2013 By Amanda Zurita

Trending... Still

Required Reading: New York Times

The New York Times says grunge has been skewered anew.

05/02/2013 By Laura Cassidy

Consumer Economy

Required Reading: Business of Fashion

An essential post from a top style industry site about online retailers in the age of blurred ad/edit pages.

04/09/2013 By Laura Cassidy