If you're familiar with Simon Doonan, you already know that he's very funny in the best possible way—sarcastically, stylishly, smartly, and, well, vaguely off color.

If you're not familiar with Simon Doonan and you like the idea of all that, please make plans to get to the downtown Barneys on Tuesday, September 24 from 5 to 7.

And if you're not familiar (this seems unlikely given that your'e reading this blog but I've already started off down this road, so ...) maybe brush up here; we chatted with him prior to his last book visit, and then quickly breeze through this; a recap of his most recent visit, which was a preview of fall's best looks.

I just don't want you showing up unprepared—sartorially or in relation to subject matter.

The Asylum is the creative director/writer's sendup/callout of the craziness of couture and all the rest. Doonan is in town to sign copies of it, and to see his adoring fans. There are many, many of that last thing so while I'm preparing you, I may as well suggest you get there early.



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