Toe Pick

The Clumsy Adult's Guide to Ice Skating at Kraken Iceplex

A clumsy adult's guide to renting skates, hitting the ice, and not falling over too much.

09/27/2021 By Allison Williams

making waves

Issaquah is Getting an Indoor Surf Park

CitySurf, an indoor wave venue, brings hanging ten to the Cascade foothills.

10/26/2017 By Manola Secaira


Would It Work Here? The Indoor Park

Jonathan Daou, inventor and owner of Park Here, drew over 50,000 sun-starved New Yorkers this winter with a 4,500 square-foot, indoor popup park. Would it work here? We ask Seattle Parks and Recreation spokesperson Dewey Potter.

02/16/2011 By Jessica Voelker


Bend It Like Buddha

A guide to Seattle’s top yoga studios.

12/10/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Yoga for Life

Seattle is obsessed with the health and wellness benefits of yoga, so we visited yoga studios and clinics all over town to find out why.

12/10/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Downward-Facing Demon

Mark Driscoll, pastor at Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, says yoga is evil. Does he have a point?

11/15/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Swing and a Prayer

At Gary Kirkland’s Emerald City Trapeze Arts in SoDo, the flying trapeze can be an aerial assault of awesome if you don’t let it go to your head.

08/17/2010 By Matthew Halverson



3BA might be the next big thing in professional basketball: full-court, three-on-three hoops played at breakneck speed. But even the game’s back-and-forth action can’t compete with the legal battles and off-the-court drama its Seattle creator, Kevin LuBah

08/17/2010 By Matthew Halverson


Sail Away

Be seaworthy this summer with clean, cool nautical-inspired looks.

05/17/2010 By Laura Cassidy and Ashley Helvey


On the Rocks

Every time the winter Olympics roll around, the wannabe curlers sign up for lessons. But one trip to the ice will be enough to cool your doubts about curling’s physical demands.

12/09/2009 By Matthew Halverson


26 Perfect Saturdays

It’s not just you: Everybody’s working for the weekend. Yet when Saturday finally rolls around, it seems as though there’s nothing to do—or too much to do. That’s where we come in. We’ve planned out a year’s worth

10/19/2009 With Steve Wiecking, James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Karen Quinn, Rachel Solomon, Nick Feldman, Kristin Cordova, and Parisa Sadrzadeh By Laura Cassidy


Balls of Fury

At Underdog Sports Leagues’ dodgeball matches—a throwback to elementary school playground games—it’s bean or be beaned. The more than 500 dodgeballers playing on Underdog teams follow one simple rule: Dodge the ball.

06/23/2009 By Sean Leslie


Don't Get It Twisted

Competitive yoga may seem like a sport based on contradictions, but its fans call it physical enlightenment.

12/08/2008 By Matthew Halverson