New Landscaping Gives a Sand Point Home Curb Appeal

Landscape designer Scot Eckley transforms an underused side yard into a functional oasis.

05/18/2012 By Giselle Smith


Bike Crashes Along SLU Streetcar Pit Cyclists Against City

When cyclists started wrecking, one after another, on the South Lake Union Streetcar tracks, it looked like the growing pains of a city trying its best to get people out of their cars and into alternate transportation. But then a lawsuit raised questions

05/18/2012 By Matthew Halverson


Washington National Guard Soldier Fights Deportation in Seattle Court

Pakistan native Zahid Chaudhry served in the military, married a U.S. citizen, and became the target of Homeland Security’s post-9/11 zeal. And now he may be deported—for checking the wrong box when applying for his green card.

04/25/2012 By Matthew Halverson


Exquisite Corpses

E. R. Butterworth’s full-service mortuary revolutionized the funeral business. When tuberculosis and diphtheria ravaged the city, that business was good. When one of America’s first female serial killers struck, business got complicated.

03/23/2012 By James Ross Gardner


Spring Fashion 2012

A Ballard artist’s vibrant and eclectic home is the ideal setting for the season’s graphic patterns, photographic prints, and daring color combinations.

03/23/2012 By Laura Cassidy


The Space Needle: Seattle’s Inspired Icon

Why fifty years later the Space Needle still works.

03/23/2012 By Lawrence W. Cheek


The Smartest Sucker in the Room

From his humble trailer in northern Washington State, Scott Stuart ran a decade-long investment scam so lucrative you’d think he was a lifetime con artist. The truth is, everything he knew he learned from the Nigerians who bled him dry.

03/02/2012 By Matthew Halverson


Insider’s Guide to Seattle Hair

The best hair salons, top stylists, and Seattle hairstyles that are head and shoulders above the rest.

02/24/2012 By Laura Cassidy and Amanda Zurita With Heather Fink, Allie Oosta, and Stephanie Rubesh


Spring Arts 2012: Then and Now

The lasting cultural legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair was the city’s new civic hub, Seattle Center, home to world-class opera, ballet, theater, art—and a visit from King Tut—then, and now.

01/21/2012 By Laura Dannen With Allie Oosta and Brian Colella


Fiction: Jim Lynch’s World’s Fair Tale, Truth Like the Sun

An exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming novel Truth Like the Sun.

01/20/2012 By Jim Lynch


Seattle Center House Recycled

In time for the 50th anniversary of the World’s Fair, Graham Baba Architects turns the old armory into a house of light.

01/20/2012 By David Laskin


Visionaries Imagine Seattle in 2062

David Miller, Erik Lindbergh, and Dr. Leroy Hood imagine Seattle 50 years from now.

01/20/2012 By James Ross Gardner and Brian Colella


The Seattle World’s Fair in 2012

In 1962, Seattle introduced the world to the Space Needle and Belgian waffles. Peter Steinbrueck, Tom Douglas, and John Findlay imagine a 2012 version.



Wikispeed’s 100 Mile Per Gallon Car

With a background in software, Joe Justice is the last guy you’d expect to make cars. But if his geeky, hard-to-believe, 100-mile-per-gallon car is as awesome as he says it is, he may just revolutionize the way Detroit does business.

12/23/2011 By Matthew Halverson


Ski Movie Mogul Warren Miller Refuses to Go Downhill

Warren Miller inspired legions of skiers with his goofy, self-narrated ski-bum films. After the sale of his company—and a lawsuit—Miller agreed to never appear in, narrate, or direct another ski film. But now, nearing 90, he refuses to go down

11/23/2011 By Neal Thompson


The Most Treacherous Terrain

When some buddies from UW slipped into the Cascades for backcountry snowboarding, they entered some of the most treacherous terrain in the Northwest. Not even a seasoned avalanche expert could predict what they found.

11/21/2011 By David Laskin


A Guide to Washington’s Craft Distilleries

A change in the liquor laws has started a boom in craft distilleries across Washington State. We surveyed them all to find out who’s making what and where to get it.

11/18/2011 By Jessica Voelker and Brian Colella


10 Ways to Choose a Money Manager

Expert advice for choosing a financial adviser in uncertain times.

11/17/2011 By Julie H. Case


Midcentury Modern Revival

A Queen Anne home by famed Northwest architect Paul Hayden Kirk gets a modern update, but its original integrity remains intact.

11/17/2011 By Giselle Smith

Best Restaurants 2011

Best Restaurants 2011: Chefs Bite Back

Seattle chefs and restaurateurs sound off on food trends, their competition, and their customers.

10/27/2011 By Carey Rose