10 Mother's Day Gifts for Your Mom Friends

No shade to bouquets and spa days, but these are not your mother's presents.

By Zoe Sayler

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Flowers are nice, but what mom really needs is coffee.

The ambitious eight-year-old has Mother's Day breakfast in bed covered. The toddler's coming in hot with an abstract self portrait. The significant other will no doubt provide mom with a floral arrangement or spa treatment (or else).

The matriarch has been properly adored and appreciated. But has she been seen? Or, more importantly, caffeinated? That's where the friend comes in: with a thoughtful, albeit a bit less traditional, acknowledgement of all mom's hard labor. 

Intentionally Blank No Shame Slipper, Nordstrom RackLocal

$32 $79

Image: Nordstrom

Dare the world to challenge a busy mom's commitment to function over fashion with a pair of literal statement slippers from Intentionally Blank (on super sale at Nordstrom, mind you). Shuffling down the sidewalk not exactly her speed? The Los Angeles–based independent shoe brand also stocks slippers for midnight snackers, antisocial butterflies, and self-proclaimed fun moms (irony optional).

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Black and White Wine Bundle, Miir Local


Image: Miir

Wallingford-based stainless steel drinkware company Miir is our local gifting MVP, with sleek, fool-proof options for coffee lovers, traveling bartenders, and design-obsessed canines alike. Wine moms—hey, it's a stereotype for a reason—will appreciate an elegant, park-ready drink setup that precludes them from carrying a corkscrew. Yep, that bottle holds a full 750 milliliters (may as well gift that, too, since Miir's clever bundling saves you about $16).

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Seamless Maternity Bike Short, Girlfriend Collective Local


Don't forget mothers-to-be come May 8. What they lack in Beaujolais they can make up for in stretchy, bump-friendly bike shorts—or leggings, or an actually cute nursing bra, if you're planning ahead—from Seattle-based sustainable athleisure brand Girlfriend Collective. (Sizing's easy, and inclusive, ranging from XXS–6XL. Pre-pregnancy size should do.)

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Mom Grass CBG Pre-Rolled Hemp Twoobie, Prism Local


Image: Dad Grass

Finally, a joint just for moms. These pre-rolls provide all the fun of puff-puff-passing (passing not required) without the high—CBG, like CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (and one that may be more effective at treating migraines and muscle soreness than its Dad Grass counterpart). Meaning mom can sit back, relax, and enjoy a rare moment all her own. 

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Moon Fruit Retinol Alternative Sleep Mask, Herbivore Local


Image: Herbivore

See also: How to Make the Most of the Sleep You Occasionally Manage to Get. Seattle's cool-girl vegan beauty brand uses a plant extract called bakuchiol as a much less abrasive alternative to retinol, smoothing wrinkles while plumping and moisturizing even the most sensitive skin. Bonus: Gorgeous, nightstand-ready packaging makes mom's in-bed skincare routine look like a purposeful move rather than a sleep-deprived necessity.

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Current Matriarchal Overlord Sweatshirt, Reductress


Image: Reductress

Already hilarious on its own, this crewneck sweatshirt from women's-interest satire publication Reductress really shines in tandem with the coordinating "Future Matriarchal Overlord" infant onesie. Overthrowing the patriarchy never looked so adorable. No girl moms in your life? No problem: Anyone can appreciate an article of clothing that says "my other body is a withered old crone."

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Lavender Flavored Vodka, Heritage Distilling Local


Mother's Day gifts are so often soothing and botanical: essential oil diffusers, chamomile sachets, rose-infused teas. We like to think of this as a slightly more spirited take on the same theme. Seattle-based Heritage Distilling's lavender vodka takes several (flights of) steps above the unfortunately unforgettable Svedkas of your college days—but, paired with a splash of La Croix or lemonade, makes for just as much fun.

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Nodpod Sleep Mask, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Each night countless rogue actors threaten to interfere with a mom's sleep, from fussy kids to moon cycles to planning anxiety to all the cold brew she had that morning (ahem...we'll get to that later). Enter Nodpod, the "weighted blanket for your eyes" that blocks light, combats headaches, and helps provide some much-needed shut-eye—if you can believe more than 500 five-star reviewers, anyway.

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"No" Tote Bag, Seattle Art Museum Local


Every superhero has a catch phrase—and, when it comes to combating the evening's fifth request for ice cream or warding off unsolicited parenting advice, nothing beats the simplicity and power of a good "No." 

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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle, Food52


Image: Food52

What do you call a mom who works all day, spends each morning in a whirlwind of shoelaces and backpacks, and refuses to use a Keurig? Tired. This stick-it-in-the-fridge brewer provides high-quality, environmentally friendly caffeine with virtually no ante meridiem effort. Yes, it's dishwasher safe. 

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