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7 Men's Stores We're Digging Right Now

From an industrial showroom in Fremont to a cozy boutique on Capitol Hill, Seattle's menswear game is on point.

By Elizabeth Podlesnik

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A peek inside Blue Owl Workshop, a raw denim sanctuary in Fremont.

Blue Owl Workshop

Tucked away on Canal Street in Fremont lies an industrial-chic showroom housing top-of-the-line menswear and accessories: hip jeans, hoodies, leather goods, luxe sweatpants, Japanese indigo denim, wool coats—you get the picture. This place is a one-stop shop for men looking for quality and style. Stacks on stacks of blue jeans line one wall and, after a recent visit, we can confirm that Blue Owl doesn't take raw denim lightly. They introduced a Denim Buyback program to showcase how raw denim can fade and develop naturally over time. This place is a true hidden gem. 


This Melrose Market men’s and women’s boutique looks like the apartment of your coolest friend, the one with tendrily plants, an expertly stocked wet bar, charcoal soap in the bathroom, and a dresser full of lived-in denim. Find a large offering of stylish clothes, home goods, and plants, plus an on-site gallery of local artists and a variety of workshops.

Standard Goods

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, this urban oasis is packed with on-trend clothing, accessories, and U.S.-made gifts. Stock up on layer-ready basics that won’t fall apart on you like certain fast-fashion chains in town. Standard Goods focuses on contemporary American-made apparel for men and women in any season, with brands like The Great PNWRains, and Unbranded denim

Head to Freeman for one-of-a-kind Seattle pennants to adorn your walls.

Image: Freeman


Around the corner from the oh-so-popular Joe Bar on Capitol Hill is a cool and particularly cozy shop featuring locally made classic menswear such as rain jackets, denim, flannels, and Seattle pennants. The owners are intimately involved in every step of production and make a profound effort to ensure you're putting your hard earned dollars towards something that will endure the miles. 


Established in 2008 by owners John and Paola Richards, Jackstraw is a stylish brick and mortar with upscale-hip mens and womenswear—like J.Crew, if J.Crew were blown in from the sea on warm wind. They opened their shop in Belltown to provide clothes that tell stories, hold character, and are beautifully constructed, simplified, and comfortable. Not sure how to tell your story? Book a free appointment with John or in-store stylist Sandy.

Division Road

Much of the “luxury heritage” clothing at Division Road looks akin to the old-school cool garb of American journeyman seen in black-and-white photographs. Think crisp denim, Japanese flannel, and leather cap-toe boots—sold alongside modern pullovers, flannels, crewnecks, and cardigans. 


This SoDo flagship is the standard-bearer for Seattle’s unofficial uniform of long-sleeve flannels, forest-green down vests, ribbed beanies, and other apparel you could just as easily wear on a weekend fishing trip as at a weekday happy hour. 

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