Sugar Rush

These Local Candy Shops Are Pretty Sweet

Just in time for spooky season (but here year-round).

By Malia Alexander

Yes, you totally want to go inside.

Halloween is upon us,  with its mandatory excuse to buy heaps of candy. But these local shops remain constant staples for all things sugar.  Whether you’re trick-or-treating, or just in the mood for a sour gummi rush, here are some of Seattle’s best that offer both sweets and childhood nostalgia.

Sweetie’s Candy

This tiny store—hidden in the DownUnder of Pike Place Market and a short walk away from Golden Age Collectables—has been around since 1997. A closet-size space still holds over 200 different types of candies, from jawbreakers to Swedish Fish to chocolate covered raisins. Various collectable Pez dispensers, not to mention jawbreakers and Razzles (remember those?), foster serious nostalgia. Pike Place Market

Sweet Mickey’s

Randy Brinker’s candy store sits ironically between a yoga studio and a garden shop on Ballard Avenue. Following in his grandmother Mickey’s footsteps, Brinker opened his own spot in 2012, hoping to create a place for people to connect through sweets. His homage has plenty of traditional indulgences like peach rings, chocolate covered gummy bears, and licorice wheels. But Sweet Mickey’s also showcases Brinker’s homemade fudge and a number of different truffles, including some seasonal Halloween-themed almond candy bars decorated to resemble creepy green fingers and chocolate covered Oreo eyeball cookies. No surprise, Sweet Mickey’s display window gets into the Halloween spirit: Currently three aliens wield oversize lollipops and a Sweet Mickey’s tote bag amid a thicket of candy corn. Ballard

Island Treats

Ann Peterson’s Mercer Island oasis of confections specializes in caramels, toffee, and mallows. In case you’re not fond of things getting stuck in your teeth, the shop also offers cookies, cookie dough, malt balls, gummy bears, and sour belts. This time of year, artfully drizzled caramel apples abound, as do smash pumpkins—hollow chocolate gourds filled with goodies like sour jelly pumpkins and chocolate covered pretzels. Hit one with the (included) mini mallet to access the treats. Mercer Island

The Confectionery

The red entryway and striped awning scream candy cane. But the longtime University Village candy shop keeps its display window seasonal; right now it’s filled with pink and orange pumpkins, skeletons, and two friendly ghosts. Inside: an immense amount of Halloween-inspired candy like candy corn, fall gummy worms, and orange and yellow chocolate nonpareils. Halloween pinatas even hang from the ceiling. Despite being prepared for the scariest time of the year, the Confectionery also has a massive amount of caramels, clusters, and truffles that come from Portland, France, even Vermont. University Village

Lolli and Pops

Yes, it’s a chain, with four mall-centered Washington locations including Bellevue Square, Alderwood Mall, and the first floor of Westlake Center. Each one is filled with all sorts of gummies, caramels, truffles, and lemon sandwich cookies. The sweet shop also goes big on retro candies, like Charleston Chews and Pixy Stix, plus international candies including (but definitely not limited to) Pocky, and Boozy Bears, which are exactly what the name implies. Current seasonal items include a pumpkin s’more bark, and a take on quarantine’s infamous hot cocoa bombs that explode fall spices. Various

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