A Fresh Start

2019 Sartorial Predictions from Style-Minded Seattleites

More style "risk-taking," more "bold fashion choices." But, "Less GoreTex. Less Crocs. Less workout nostalgia."

By Rosin Saez January 3, 2019

Davora Linder of Prairie Undergroud has a style resolution: "To wear more FEMAIL and to be more precise with language." 

Bye, 2018. Hello 2019! It's a brand new year, a very fresh start, and a reason, if not the reason, to assess how you dress. What clothing no longer serves your needs, which boots need to get the boot? While we've gone and reflected upon what trends we saw come and go in 2018 as well as our favorite style moments, it's time to talk to Seattle style insiders—from stylists to shopkeepers to sartorial badasses—about what they foresee in 2019.

What do you think we need to see more of in 2019? Or in other words: What are Seattle’s areas of style improvement?

I’m seeing more men in Seattle incorporate current trends into their wardrobes, which is great because that means we are paying more attention to what’s happening in the world of fashion. Going into the new year, I’d like to see more risk-taking and creativity that reflects individual personality. —Curtis Bright, Fashion Blogger and Stylist, The Bright Report

Seattle needs to see more performance art. Style is achieved through thoughtful exchanges in a social setting. 2019 is all about On the Boards. —Davora LindnerPrairie Underground

We need people to embrace bold fashion choices that make them happy. Bright colors, fun fabrics, silhouettes that they wouldn't normally wear. Fashion is meant to be fun. If you're not having fun with it, you're not doing it right. —Sydney MintleGossip and Glamour

Sustainability in terms of full transparency around clothing production and consumer support in and around this. Specifically speaking, asking questions about where things are produced and how, shopping locally and spending your dollars inside the community is something that we hope will continue and be more prevalent in 2019. 
Colton WingerCuniform

I’m always an advocate for more intentional dressing. —Amanda Zuritafreelance writer, stylist, former Seattle Met style editor

Less GoreTex. Less Crocs. Less workout nostalgia. Less oversized clothes (particularly, but not exclusively on women). —Visal SamVisette Boutique

More contemporary, design-driven, innovative styles instead of bland, basic silhouettes or DIY-fashion. —Angeline Oei, designer, A.Oei 

Stash the everyday rain gear and buy an umbrella or wear a hat. In London you do not see people in rain parkas and it rains just as much. Will I get banned from Seattle for saying that? (Editor's note: Heed these wise words.) —Linda Derschang, founder, CEO, The Derschang Group

What will we see more of in 2019?

Men became comfortable with showing skin [in 2018]. We saw cropped pants with exposed ankles and bare chest underneath suit jackets (my personal favorite). In the new year, I think we’ll see even more skin as the revival of short-shorts was popular during the Spring/Summer '19 runway shows. It should get interesting. —CB

Color that washes you out. —DL

I think we'll see more collaborations between fashion brands and influencers, and more global growth as Pacific Northwest fashion brands expand their reach. I also think we'll see more people dressing up when they go out for day and evening. —SM

Not sure! But we’re excited to find out. —CW

Color! —AZ

More of the same (Seattle). —VS

I hope we see more oversized clothing, more fake fur, and more street wear. —LD

What’s your style resolution for the new year?

In 2018, I started focusing on quality over quantity to minimize clutter in my life and keep a lean closet of things I really love to wear. For example, I adopted a work uniform consisting of a navy blue suit and white oxford [shirt]. This has helped me become more efficient in the mornings and more sharply dressed daily. I’d like to continue with that practice in 2019. —CB

To wear more Femail and to be more precise with language. —DL

My style resolution is to wear more color. I started a Fashion Field Trip video series for my blog and quickly realized that black is so boring on camera. —SM

To continue to promote the idea that shopping recycled is the most sustainable way to shop and is a responsible way to have a positive impact on the environment. Affordable stylistic individuality? Yes. Please. —CW

In 2018, one of my friends didn’t buy any new clothing or accessories. Secondhand was okay, but nothing off the rack. I don’t think I can be that dogmatic, but I’d like to be more thoughtful about my new purchases and better about looking to secondhand sources first. —AZ

Color. It’s gloomy and dark. Accessories for men—pocket scarf! Bold belts and jewelry for women. —VS

For 2019, I’m going to try to add just a little more color to my closet, and, as always, just dress to make me happy. —LD

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