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We’re taking time to reflect about the year in Seattle style. What we liked, what we didn’t like so much, and where we’re going in the new year. And what better way to ruminate on such a thing than to ask the style insiders—from stylists to shopkeepers to sartorial badasses—what they thought about 2018?

What did you see happening in the city? (Good or bad, big or small.)

On my commute to work one morning I saw a person in a blue onesie wearing a Bozo the Clown mask pushing an empty shopping cart.  It was an intervention of another order and something we can expect to see more of. Davora Lindner, Prairie Underground

I noticed a move away from“Dapper Style” and more towards current street style and modern silhouettes. For example, Guillermo Bravo, a Seattle-based fashion brand, launched a line of sneakers and apparel this year with profiles that are atypical of what we’re used to seeing here in Seattle—and the fashion community went crazy! If this is the new wave for 2019 and beyond, Seattle is well on its way to making a name for itself nationally and internationally. Curtis Bright, Fashion Blogger and Stylist, The Bright Report

I see so many exciting changes coming to the Seattle fashion scene in 2019.  We're finally starting to see the benefits of merging fashion and technology to make better products, and we're also seeing cool and innovative fashion brands emerging from the Pacific Northwest and expanding globally. KACYYOM is now available in London and I think we'll continue to see Seattle designers grow their presence in the UK. The Seattle fashion exhibit at MOHAI will also way to unite generations of fashion fans in the city. —Sydney MintleGossip and Glamour

From a “finger on the pulse” perspective, what’s really incredible is viewing the influx in population as a positive attribute to the city, specifically speaking in terms of personal style culture development. A mesh of stylistic ideologies are inevitable when new people are forced to coexist together and what we found beautiful was an openness to explore more progressive stylistic choices, simply through the art of observation and acceptance. —Colton WingerCuniform

Influx of young people who clearly have no style but represents a young demographics with disposable income that could develop a real fashion scene on their own or at least make some attempt to follow fashion outside of the 206 area code. Visal SamVisette Boutique

I see a greater shift towards sustainable fashion with more local buyers requesting for fabrics with natural or recycled fibers, and ethically made items. —Angeline Oei, designer, A.Oei 

I’m seeing more people into dressing—whether streetwear, vintage, or things from Totokaelo and Space at Nordstrom. It really seems like there are fewer people in hiking gear. I’m assuming it's partly due to the influence of the new folks moving here from LA and NY. Bring it on! —Linda Derschang, founder, CEO, The Derschang Group

What was your personal most memorable style moment this year?

Wearing gloves on the cover of the June issue of City Arts. —DL

Styling University of Washington star running back Myles Gaskin for Columns Magazine was a heck of a fashion moment for me this year. What a talent and class act, plus the dude looks super fly in a red suit! Another style moment was when I wore a bright-red tang blazer that I received as a gift from China, and turned it into a street style look with sneakers and tailored sweatpants. —CB

My favorite fashion moment of the year was hosting the 3rd Annual Style Summit for Seattle Fashion Bloggers and wearing a white dress to symbolize the innocence of the style blogging scene and its commitment to growing the conversation. —SM

Embracing the emotional and psychological affects on our personal style evolution on the daily. —CW

A closet audit with Cuniform that helped me love what I already had, while saying goodbye to some literal baggage I’d been hanging onto. —Amanda ZuritaFreelance writer, stylist, former Seattle Met style editor

Fashion Week in Paris. I killed it! —VS

Hmm, style moment. Perhaps my new cat-eyed glasses with blue lenses? I love seeing the world tinted blue! —LD

What was a style moment of someone else’s you loved this year?

The re-staging of Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Printemps-Ete 2000 at Veronica.  We co-commissioned the runway to use as a store fixture in our Georgetown boutique. A beguiling series of name changes that kept my mind nimble and speech more sonorous. Arthur Jafa’s Picture Books, 1990-2005 at Julia Stoschek Collection in Berlin. DL

Lebron James and the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team arriving to the stadium wearing matching Thom Browne suits was a major style moment this year. I’ve really enjoyed watching pro athletes showcase their flamboyant fashion sense while walking down the pregame tunnel. They've basically created their own catwalk and I love it. In the new year, I'd like to see Seattle sports and public figures start to gain recognition for our unique fashion sense. Let's make it happen! —CB

I loved seeing Feral's Kickstarter campaign fully funded right before the holidays. That was a great fashion moment to see because it was a testament to the Seattle fashion community and what we have to offer. —SM

It won’t be a surprise for us to mention some of our favorite style moments came from women such as Michelle Obama and even Tiffany Haddish’s price-per-wear mentality in wearing the same dress to multiple award ceremonies. —CW

Giant pink gowns. See: J.Lo in Giambattista Valli couture at her Second Act premier. Tracy Ellis Ross in Valentino Haute Couture hosting the Emmys. The Molly Goddard pink tulle dress worn in Killing Eve (also one of my favorite shows for fashion all around this year). —AZ

Men that I’ve encouraged to carry bags have all loved them. Several have carried bags for many years and they’re happy to see the trend grow. —VS

Faustine Steinmetz and how she has redesigned denim. —AO

Rick Owens doing a line of Birkenstocks was my favorite look of the year. I used to be a secret Birkenstock wearer back in the '80s and '90s, but over the last few years everyone wears them in all sorts of styles and colors. The black fur ones he did really rock. —LD

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