Moorea Seal's new digs have us reeling in its chic and simplistic design. 

Image: Moorea Seal

Seattle's heart beats to the rhythm of innovation and creativity, constantly moving and growing, leaving us awestruck. A prime example is Moorea Seal, a Seattle-based boutique selling U.S.-made merch with a twist. Seven percent of all proceeds are donated to nonprofits within five different categories: women's causes, children's needs, environmental issues, animal causes, and health-related causes. Just five years since its beginning, they had to expand from their location nestled in the heart of Belltown to accommodate for all the love we poured into their first brick and mortar.

This Friday, July 20, they are celebrating us in the finest of ways on First Avenue for their five-year anniversary sale. 

Head over to the new storefront from 6 to 9 for their biggest event of the year! There will be drinks aplenty, free totes with purchase, lots of new arrivals, and a prize wheel to top it off (with $5,000 worth of prizes). If you fall hopelessly in love with some merchandise—and it's hard not to—you'll be rewarded with a guaranteed prize with a $250 value. Oh, and be one of the first 50 to arrive because they are giving away special prizes inside the totes for those lucky few. There are usually lines winding down the sidewalk for their events, so you may want to arrive at least 10 minutes early.

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