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Renderings of the new space. See it IRL this weekend.

Moorea Seal, if you haven't heard, is crushing it lately. Not that that's news. But she's just released her latest book, Make Yourself at Home, out now (pro tip: If you scurry over to Elliott Bay Books, there still might be a few signed copies laying around), and the author-entrepreneur is officially opening her new flagship eponymous storefront downtown this weekend. 

The Belltown spot has gone the way of the dinosaurs—"our first space was kind of a test," says Seal, who built up her company that started as an online Etsy shop then its own website, before going brick-and-mortar mode in 2014. "There's a lot of bootstrapped beginnings to make things work as they will," she adds.

Now, Moorea Seal is located at 1012 First Avenue in the renovated Standard building, conjoined with Cone and Steiner's newest locale

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A new wall of shoes on shoes on shoes.

After having such success in its former home, the founder thought, "Let's go big! And do it in a way that truly represents the authenticity of our brand." And big it indeed is: With 18-foot ceilings and a mezzanine workspace, Moorea Seal is at least twice as big as its original space. Which means more sweet, sweet goods. 

There will be the same affordable brands you know and love—Dolce Vita, Baleen, BZR, Poketo, Upper Metal Class. But look for newness in the form of mid-range to high-end products, things Seal's been obsessing over and excited to bring into the store. "It's exactly like my book: [We're] trying to create a space that really supports how we want to project ourselves as a company, and how we want our customers to feel."

This weekend, October 14 and 15, Moorea Seal will throw a Grand Opening Party with shopping (natch), treats (fresh batches of to-die-for Hello Robin cookies from 1–5pm), and celebratory drinks (fresh juice mimosas from Sweetgrass Food Co.).

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