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Louisa Meng Is Not Your Type

The style blogger turned curatorial brain behind Not Your Type is reinventing the narrative of vintage clothing.

By Rosin Saez March 21, 2018

It's been a year since Louisa Meng first launched Not Your Type, her collection of vintage styles that lean more edgy and youthful rather than nostalgic for a bygone era. The University of Washington alumnus, and erstwhile style blogger, takes previously loved clothing and puts them through a cool filter, so to speak, creating something modern out of something old. Indeed, Meng's take on vintage is refreshing: "I'm constantly trying to outdo what I've done before," she says. "So the inspiration for this shoot was showcasing vintage clothing with a high end edge by mixing NYT pieces with designer brands."

Her keen, stylish eye is deployed in Not Your Type's latest lookbook, where sweet ivory-hued pieces playfully clash with darker duds—some leather, some mesh, all attitude. And if you need further explanation or a peek into Meng's sartorial brain, she says it best in Not Your Type's online mission statement: 

We are not your type. We're from small towns; we're the underdogs; we're the marginalized. In high school we weren’t the cheerleader or the hipster. We probably played varsity volleyball, started a hip hop club and hung out with the thespians – or we just didn’t want to be there in general. We’re the in between and, because of that, often the misunderstood. When you grow up creating your own niche, context is what defines you and style is how you articulate it. We are Not Your Type.
NYT One Year Lookbook credits
Directed and produced by Louisa Meng
Photography by Justin Sanchez, with Sam Fu
Hair and Makeup by Taylour Chanel
Styling by Louisa Meng
Assistant styling by Jesse Clifton
Models: Salina, Maya, Taylor, Louisa
Assitants: Paulina and Alleah
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