Nordstrom is taking us back. Back to 1987 that is, when Nike launched Air Max, a pair of sneakers that “changed the relationship between fashion and sport forever,” says the local retailer’s website. Celebrating 30 years of Air, Nike and Nordstrom pay homage to the iconic sneaks with a new, limited selection of Nike Airs debuting throughout March.

But the sportswear giant isn’t the only one dropping new gear, Seattle’s own  Clear Coated has collaborated with Nike and Nordstrom for the anniversary, too.

Designer Miriam Reynolds Rigby, who began working on Clear Coated full time in early 2016, says she made three exclusive pieces for the Nordstrom x Nike Pop-In: Estelle wristlet clutch, Blanche clutch, and Billie bucket hat, all in clear.

Rigby says she’s grateful that they’ve brought in local designers like herself. But her designs go beyond hats and clutches. Inspired by the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest (oh, bless her pluviophile ways), Clear Coated’s real showstoppers are the mod-meets-futuristic rainwear—transparent capes with white trim and see-through trench coats with belts. It’s all to show off personal style, rather than hide it underneath earth-toned rain shells.

See more of Clear Coated styles in our April fashion feature, Spring into Action.

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