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Image courtesy of Shiseido.

Covetable and collectible, must-have beauty-addict brand Shiseido is launching an interactive experience, appropriately on International Kissing Day (which is today, July 6th, so get to celebrating), and it's one of those digital moments that is so personalized and shareable, you have to try it.
Mobile users go to and begin their virtual kiss experience. Created by a slew of CGI animators and engineers (as well as editors, programmers and graphic designers), the site takes you through various prompts to create a 'Kiss monster,' which is essentially your kiss print animated into a little monster-type character; i.e. you are going to kiss your phone and get a cute .gif out of it.
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My lonely kiss monster.

How it works: Go to the mobile site and follow the instructions to create your virtual kiss. Have a friend ready to kiss in unison (it's a very collaborative effort, but you can choose 'Kiss by Yourself' as well). Then, you pick your Rouge Rouge lipstick color (I was partial to Burning Up) and hit the 'Start Kissing' button. Wait for the countdown, then kiss (literally kiss your phone) for three seconds. Et voilàRouge Rouge Kiss Me creates an animated 'Kiss Monster.' You can share it via Facebook, text, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram; and you can find the lipstick at Barneys in downtown Seattle.

Before all of this, though, you might want to invest in these, if you read those articles about what carries the most germs.

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