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5 Recent Topsy-Turvy Changes in Seattle's Retail Landscape

A one-minute guide to some of Seattle's recent retail happenings: a new downtown Sephora, not so Forever 21, and what's an Anko?

By Rosin Saez October 10, 2019

The new Anko in Burien and its line that ran down the plaza.

Image: Courtesy Anko

There have been some interesting shopping shakeups both local and non lately. We'll take a quick look at what's been going on in Washington's retail landscape.

Maybe They're Born with It, Maybe It's Sephora
The global skin care and cosmetics chain that's very good at helping you spend a lot of money very quickly is in major expansion mode. Sephora announced in March that it's opening (or has already opened, as of now) 35 new locations in 2019, which includes a soon-to-be shop at 2020 Westlake Avenue.

What's an Anko?
Anko is Kmart Australia's international brand and is the latest store to open in Burien in the Five Corners Shopping Center (yes, next to a PCC Market that debuted this spring). It's the fourth Anko in the region with stores already open in Lynnwood, Bellevue Square Mall, and Mill Creek—it's also the fourth location in U.S. period. Anko deals in home goods, clothing, and actually an extremely adorable line of pet accessories.

Department Store Developments
The Tacoma Mall will gain a new 30,000-square-foot Nordstrom Rack, set to open in fall 2020. It will be the southernmost Nordstrom in Washington.

Not-So-Forever Anymore
Forever 21, the fast-fashion retailer whose teen and young adult fan base seems to have decidedly cooled on the brand's environmentally destructive trend cycle, filed for bankruptcy at the end of September, and announced its plans to shutter 350 stores worldwide. The Seattle Times reports that number could include about two-thirds of Forever 21 locations in Washington state.

Macy's Impending Downtown Death
Speaking of closures, the downtown Macy's will end its 90-year reign in February of next year (clearance sales begin in January). The iconic holiday star that shines from the top of the building at the corner of Third and Pine will reportedly stick around, for now. 

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